Why We Use Positive Affirmations:

While we are thinking, we analyze things based on our perception. Our perception is sometimes based on our fears and not actual facts. So while we are thinking about things we tend to repeat negative statements and engage in negative self talk without even realizing it. This empty chatter in our heads, the monkey mind, can and will be a huge influence on our future perception and beliefs.

So as we think about things, we are sometimes affirming our fears and believing them to be true or fact. So unconscious mind chatter could be negative affirmations that we believe to be true.

These new beliefs will have a huge influence on the reality we create in our lives, in the choices we make every day, in how we allow others to interact with us, and in the boundaries we create for ourselves.

So what do we do?
How can we use positive affirmations to change our perception?
By repeating positive affirmations throughout the day, we are essentially reprogramming our negative limiting beliefs. A great way to use positive affirmations is by using the NLP technique of Anchoring. You can check out my post on Anchoring here: https://selfloveandmindsetcoach.com/nlp-tip-4/

Basically what we are doing is creating a safety net for our thought process. If we can catch ourselves engaging in the negative self talk, we can use a positive affirmation as an anchor to stop us from repeating the negative affirmations.

So what I like to do is… When I catch myself thinking a scenario in my head that is completely based in fears and not reality, I simply say “stop thinking that” and choose a positive affirmation to repeat instead. My favorite positive affirmation is “I love myself, I love my life, and I choose to be happy and grateful for all I have.”

Give it a try. Increase your awareness. Be present. Next time you catch yourself thinking the old “What ifs” pick a positive affirmation and repeat it instead.

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