Letting Go

Letting go is accepting something for what it is and taking away it's power over your emotional state.
Letting go is removing things from our lives that do not bring us joy and love.
Letting go is refusing to allow someone or something external to affect our happiness.
Letting go is choosing you and trusting in what you feel... Leaving behind your fears... Knowing that what's yours is coming...

What are YOU choosing to hold on to that is having a negative effect on your happiness or overall mindset?
Do you find yourself constantly focusing on the negative things and wonder why they always happen to you?
Do you think you don't deserve better?
Do you let other people's actions affect your mood?
Are your thoughts plagued by what ifs?
Do expectations of others or of an specific outcome make you overthink and second guess yourself?
Are you tired of feeling this way and want to change?

When we were born, all we knew was happiness and love. Everything else was given to us or taught to us. All it takes is UNLEARNING the negative and replacing it with positive. By discovering your limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive self serving beliefs, you can change your mindset and your life.

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