Why Do We Tolerate Unacceptable Behavior?

When we suffer from a lack of self love or a low self esteem, we allow others to say and do mean things to us, we even allow them to treat us badly.
Sometimes we even think we deserve it and hold on to the pain and anguish. Over time this ends up doing more damage and lowering our self esteem even more. We settle for what is familiar and comfortable no matter how painful it may be.

We lie to ourselves, we lie to others, we wear a mask to hide our true feelings. We wind up listening to that inner voice that constantly reminds us that we aren't good enough, or it will get better eventually.

Even when we finally decide that we want better, fear of the unknown creeps in and demands that we stay where we are and tolerate it. The what ifs and should haves create a cloud of fear in our minds. It all boils down to how we feel about ourselves. Our level of self love.

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