Why Do We Choose To Be Grumpy

Good question, why?

Being grumpy or being in a bad mood is a CHOICE

How? Because YOU control your thoughts.

You are CHOOSING to overthink a situation that happened already or something that you are fearing that will happen in the future. You are choosing to place your nervous system into FIGHT or FLIGHT MODE.

How will this benefit you?
Can you really change the past?
Can you really predict the future?
What if it doesn't really matter?
What if it doesn't happen the way you think it will?
What if everything is really fine and you are just imagining the negative?

Probably the worst 2 words in our language. WHAT IF?
These 2 words are the basis for ALL ANXIETY. ALL FEARS. ALL BAD MOODS.
All because we CHOOSE to entertain our imaginations and believe that the fears are REAL and bad things WILL HAPPEN.


Simply put, let go of your fears.
When we watch a cartoon we know it is not real because it is animated and not real people. Once we learn to look at our thoughts the same way, it becomes a bit easier. Most of our thoughts are a series of imaginary situations that don't exist in real life. Unfortunately, we believe these thoughts to be real threats and will go so far as to remain miserable out of fear of imaginary consequences. Or we believe that our imaginary responses are real conversations with people. We allow our own fear and negativity play out imaginary fights with people in our minds. Thus making our mood worse and our fears more probable.

Learn to make it stop!
Take over your life!


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