What does Venting do to our vibration and mindset

What does VENTING do to our vibration and mindset?

I see and hear it all the time. People ranting and "venting" on Facebook, in support groups, to their friends, family, therapists...

But what does ranting and venting do to us vibrationally? What does it do to our mindset?

We make up all kinds of reasons and justifications for our thoughts and feelings, but low vibrational emotions like anger, regret, resentment... arise for one reason only: we want something different than what is currently happening or already happened in our life experience. That’s it!

Our life situation does not match up to our EXPECTATIONS. All of the "would be's, "should haves," "could haves," that we think about create disappointment so we have to express our frustrations by venting.

When we rant or vent we are looking for validation from others to tell us that they agree with how we feel or that the way we feel is okay.... THAT IS CALLED TOXIC VALIDATION.

Low vibrational emotional reactions create changes in our physiology. The mind releases chemicals that trigger the fight or flight response. Our heart rate increases, our blood pressure rises, our breathing becomes short, and our ability to think cognitively is paused.

When we choose to react from a place of anger or resentment, we become hyper-focused on everything that’s wrong. So what does our mind do? It creates a filter that only allows more of those thoughts to be created and releases more chemicals to keep the feelings alive.

We become so focused on what’s wrong that we feel the need to vent our frustrations and seek validation from others. But focusing on our problems only amplifies those thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction brings us more of whatever we are focused on.

We have to keep in mind that the things that lower your vibration are the same things that hold you back from manifesting the life you desire, from healing, from attracting the outcomes you want.

Look at anger as the powerful messenger from our higher selves that it is. Anger arises to let you know what you DO NOT WANT. Anger is trying to lead you to make a change.

When you know what you don’t want, you have greater clarity and vision about what you do want. Focus on THOSE things.

Thoughts have a life span of 90 seconds. If we can learn to be aware of their presence and CHOOSE not to feed them or react to them by ranting, venting, or creating more negative scenarios, we can let them go before the fight or flight response releases those toxic stress chemicals into the body.

We attract what we focus on. Not what we want, wish for, or pray for. So instead of lowering your vibration by ranting and stewing in anger, let it go and focus on the opposite...
Attract it.

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