NLP Tip #3

Content Reframing
If you're having a hard time dealing with a situation in your life try this technique to change your mindset. Remember that you are the director in your movie, you are not an actor or a stage hand. It is your decision and your choice to control how your life takes place and what you think about and how you react to your triggers.

Content reframing can be done in one of two ways. You can change the content or the meaning of the situation that you are stuck in, or you can change the context of what you are thinking and focus on something entirely different.

The key to both techniques is focus. That is taking control over what your concentrating on or overthinking about. To change the content you want to change the meaning of the situation that you were thinking about. Alter the focus of the memory and involve a different focus. Choose to stop thinking of it as a negative situation and think about something positive from it. Think of the good memories and let go of the bad.

When changing the context simply focus on something entirely different than what you were focusing on previously. I like to imagine myself sitting on the beach in the sun taking deep breaths, smelling the ocean, feeling the sand, hearing the birds and the sound of the ocean, and before I know it I am happy and relaxed.

I will admit it sounds a lot easier than it is and takes a lot of practice. But with some coaching, and a positive attitude, you can learn to love yourself, love your life, and be happy all the time.


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