Manifesting Happiness

There was an old saying I remember from when I was a kid... "You are what you eat" I guess that could be true...

But take it a step further "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK"
To manifest happiness into your life you have to THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.
You must change your mindset to think happy thoughts in order for good things to come to you. You have to have gratitude.

Life is kind of like fishing
You need the right bait on the hook to attract what you want to catch. If you have a mindset of love and happiness, it is what you will receive.
If you are a negative person who thinks life sucks then it will. If you complain about all the things that happen to you, they will keep happening.

I used to see it all the time when I was in a negative mindset. All the same people sitting at the bar bitching about how their week sucked, how their job sucks, how their relationships or lack thereof suck... Know what? Nothing changed for them... They are still there.... Complaining...
Me, I CHOSE to change my mindset. I chose happiness.... and you know what? EVERYTHING in my life changed. I LOVE MY LIFE! Nothing but good things happen for me. I rid myself of all the toxicity. I let go of all the toxic people. I am happy. I am in love. I am loved. I love myself. I love you. I am grateful! Thank you!

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