Let it go

Why do we do it?
Why do we choose to let things that happened in the past affect our present?
Why do we post about them on social media?
The EGO wants us to continue to suffer. It gives the EGO strength.

Letting go is not easy. We as humans tend to focus on the negative and blame ourselves, blame others, and put ourselves down. Holding on to the past just causes more pain in the present.

Accept that what happened is over. It can not be changed. Nothing you do, say, or think will change it. So best to just let it go. Forgive, be grateful for all you have, choose happiness.

No one else can make you unhappy. No one else can make you sad. No one else can make you angry. These are all reactions that we choose. We CHOOSE to be sad, angry, unhappy by allowing negative experiences to stay alive in our thoughts in the present.

Everything happens for a reason, for you to learn a lesson and to test your strength. Doors close so that new ones may open.

As long as you choose to stay in the negativity, good things won't be attracted to you. You must let it go and shine brightly to receive your gifts!
I can help you to let go of these negative thoughts. I can help you re-program yourself to think positive and change the reactions you have learned. Just ask!

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