How We Create Fears and Limiting Beliefs in Our Children

We all want our kids to grow up happy, healthy, and fearless. Well I know I do. I am sure you do too. But sometimes we say and do things that not only prevent that, but actually create fears and limiting beliefs that can and will affect them throughout their lives.

I was at the park yesterday and the kids were being kids, running, jumping, sliding, and climbing. There was this one mom, there always is at least one, who kept yelling at her young child to stop it or get down. She would say "Don't do that, you are going to get hurt" or "Get down, you are going to fall".

Children learn by doing, by exploring, by testing their capabilities. They set goals in their mind and work very hard trying to accomplish them. When a parent or care giver tells a child that they can't do something out of their own fears, they are telling that child that they are not strong enough, brave enough, or capable of achieving their goals. That creates limiting beliefs and fears they will carry with them for life.

Kids fall, they get bumps, scrapes, bruises, and broken bones. It is part of being a child and how they learn. Now I am not saying that you should allow your child to do ANYTHING they want. Of course if they are at risk of serious injury they should be corrected, but not told that they can't do, or will get hurt. Instead, explain the risks but always in a positive manner.

I always tell my daughter "Wow! You are so brave, look at you!". Other parents give me the evil eye, but I don't care. My daughter will be fearless, she will know that she can do ANYTHING. When she does say "Daddy, I am scared" I am right there next to her to reassure her that her fears are LIES. I give her positive affirmations and encourage her to go for it.

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