How and why we think what we think

Every thought, belief, fact, and memory we have is stored in our brains as NEURON PATHWAYS.

They are a pattern that represents every thought we’ve ever had.

All of our thoughts are electrical impulses that create a path to another. Like Morse Code of the mind.

When our brains try to processes a new thought, it starts off as a weaker pathway, the more we use or think this thought the stronger and more dominant it becomes.

The stronger we believe certain things the more frequently that pathway is traveled.

The strongest of our neuron pathways are controlled by our subconscious. Like breathing, walking, driving, habits, fears, choosing reactions to triggers... They are automatic.

We are born with a blank slate knowing only our basic instincts for our hearts to beat, our lungs to breath, to eat, expel waste, and respond to our senses.

Everything else is programmed into us during the first 7 years of life while our brains operate in the theta frequency.

All of our thoughts, beliefs, and knowledge is given to us from others by what we are told and experience as children.

These neuron pathways determine how we respond to things for the rest of our lives because we think about everything the same way over and over again based on our past experiences or beliefs that were given to us.

A new neuron pathway is formed when we encounter a new piece of information for the first time.

The only way to change how we think, feel, or react to things is to create stronger dominant neuron pathways that will replace the old ones.

The more we think or use the newer, neuron pathways, the stronger and more dominant they become.

So, if we want to change our thoughts, fears, reactions, habits, or behaviors we have to repeat the new thoughts over and over until they become stronger dominant pathways. If we don’t change the pathways, we stay the same.

We have all been programmed to think that the way we think or behave is "how we are" but it is not true.

We are ALL capable of change. We just have to want to change and do the work to make it happen.

If you are interested in learning more about changing the way you think, reach out. Search for books and videos by Dr. Joe Dispenza or Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Change requires effort and hard work... Are you ready to create the life YOU desire?

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